LLETZlearn® Simulator

The reusable LLETZlearn® Training Simulator has been designed in conjunction with DTR Medical to provide excellence in colposcopy training.

  • Enables trainees to gain confidence before treating a patient
  • Can be used with electrosurgical tools to mimic real life treatment
  • Improves skills and eliminates risk to patients
The LLETZlearn® training simulator is available to purchase direct from our manufacturer.
The simulator pack includes a comprehensive User Manual and support

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LLETZlearn® Training Simulator

Developed in collaboration with Theresa Freeman-Wang, Consultant Gynaecologist, and the design and manufacturing team at DTR Medical, the LLETZlearn® Training Simulator enables the trainee to learn how to perform procedures and gain the confidence and competence they need before treating a patient.

Since its launch, the Simulator has received praise from Gynaecologists and Colposcopists around the world, with commendations for its pioneering design, innovation and new methods to train clinicians. 

Nick Myerson, Lead Colposcopist of Bradford Teaching Hospital, says that "the LLETZlearn® Training Simulator gives the novice Colposcopist or the Colposcopist who’s training needs to be assessed a huge advantage because they are working with a model that can deliver a practical benefit without the risks or the potential difficulties of working with a real patient”.

Miss Theodora Pepera, Consultant Gynaecologist, echoes the benefits of the LLETZlearn® Training Simulator and says “the advantage is that it allows you to use the same electro-surgical tools that you are actually going to use in the treatment. It therefore makes the training very realistic”.

Miss Deirdre Lyons, Consultant Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Lead Colposcopist at Imperial College London also felt that the major benefit of the Training Simulator is its authenticity “The major benefit is that this is an authentic training simulator for cervical treatments”.

Dr Grainne Flannelly, Lead Colposcopist at The National Maternity Hospital, Dublin, says “It’s a real challenging step for trainees to go straight from diagnostic Colposcopy to treatment on real life individuals”.

Kasia Maksym, Specialty Doctor, UCLH. Trainees who have used the Training Simulator have said that “It’s much better to make your mistakes when learning on a simulator than a patient”,  

Corene Veitch, Lead Colposcopy Nurse, Northcumbria University Hospitals, Cumbria, “The LLETZlearn© Training Simulator improves confidence and skill as there is no risk to the patient. You can try different techniques and hand positions safely. I would personally recommend it to all trainees and also to qualified Colposcopists who wish to learn a different or alternative procedure.”

Teresa Flavin, Nurse Colposcopist, Royal Free Hospital said, “[The LLETZlearn© Training Simulator] really helped my confidence. To be able to practice on a piece of tissue not on an actual patient was so beneficial.

The clear benefit of the LLETZlearn© Training Simulator is that it offers practical training, to trouble shoot and gain experience with a range of procedures and tools, avoiding any uncomfortable procedures for the patient.

With the LLETZlearn© Training Simulator now available it raises the question – is it really ethical for inexperienced clinicians to go straight to performing procedures on the patient?

Manufactured by DTR Medical Ltd, an award winning sterile single-use instrument supplier, Managing Director Andrew Davidson says “Practical training is necessary in an area like Colposcopy. A would-be Colposcopist must show confidence in-front of a patient. The idea of practicing away from a patient is innovative, it’s inspired and it’s a development project we were delighted to be part of”.

The LLETZlearn© Training Simulator is now available for purchase, for further information please contact Kirsty Martin at DTR Medical 01792 704898, email marketing@dtrmedical.com or visit the website http://dtrmedical.com/product-categories/gynaecology/.

At DTR Medical, we are pleased to deliver ground-breaking design, manufacturing and innovation.

Anna Barbour,
17 Mar 2017, 07:16