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LLETZlearn® is a practical one day course where colposcopy trainees, including nurse specialists will have an opportunity to practise/ fine-tune their technique of LLETZ using the LLETZlearn® simulator.
The idea of developing a simple model to simulate the LLETZ clinical procedure came about while Anna Barbour was training to become a colposcopist at the Whittington Hospital under the mentorship of Theresa Freeman-Wang.

Successful trials of the model have been completed in London and other locations.

The LLETZlearn® simulation prototype model was developed with the support and assistance of The Portland Hospital and DTR Medical. The simulator is now available to purchase from DTR Medical. 

Mr Nick Myerson of Bradford Teaching Hospital talks to us about the LLETZlearn® training simulator.
“The benefits of the Training Simulator are potentially huge”.

Our Team:
             Miss Theresa Freeman-Wang
            Consultant Gynaecologist.
            London representative for British Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (BSCCP)
            RCOG representative on national quality assurance in colposcopy

            Miss Deirdre Lyons
            Consultant Gynaecologist at St Mary's Hospital.  

    Sister Anna Barbour
ccreditated colposcopist (diagnostic and treatment) with the RCOG/BSCCP. 

            DTR Medical   
            New Product Development.                                   

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