Practical Training in Colposcopy (LLETZ / LEEP)

                         Introduction by Miss Theresa Freeman-Wang, Consultant Gynaecologist 

25/04/2017 - Anna Barbour, inventor of the LLETZlearn Simulator has been   selected as winner of an HCA Award of Distincton: The HCA UK Winner of:

The Innovation Award in the category of Quality and Patient Safety, 2017                             

LLETZlearn® is a unique practical (hands-on) training simulator for colposcopy & LLETZ / LEEP, developed by Anna Barbour with design and manufacturing expertise from DTR Medical, support from the Portland Hospital and consultant gynaecologist Theresa Freeman-Wang.

Anna is a Nurse Colposcopist at the Whittington Hospital and Sister of the Gynaecology Out-Patients Department at the Portland Hospital in London. Anna's first prototype simulator was made from household materials whilst training in 2005 and this has been developed into the model we see today - she became a BSCCP accredited colposcopist in 2007 and a recognised Trainer with the BSCCP.  

The simulator enables trainees to develop the necessary practical skills for competency in LLETZ / LEEP (Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone) as part of their training in colposcopy, prior to commencement of the BSCCP Treatment Module. These competences comprise basic skills, colposcopic technical skills and practical procedures.
For reference: also known as LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure).
The simulator enables a realistic clinical scenario of the LLETZ / LEEP procedure.

'Climbing the steep learning curve can no longer be done by trial and error, so it is necessary to explore, define and implement models of health professional training that do not expose the patient to preventable errors. One such model is simulation-based training.'  source: Source: Quality and Safety, BMJ 

Our training team are all fully accredited BSCCP/ RCOG Colposcopists.

Mr Nick Myerson, Bradford Teaching Hospital. talks about the LLETZlearn® simulator for practical Training in Colcoscopy.


                                                 Next Training Course To Be Announced

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